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Change Team: 
by posted 10/22/2019

If everyone could show up around 7:00AM so we could distribute jereseys with numbers and socks.  I will collect the jerseys after the game so we can get the boys names on the back of them.


Thanks again,


Adrian Wilson


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Game change
by posted 10/22/2019

Hey 8U Coyotes, you should have recieved a email letting you know about the change in time for Saturdays game.  We play at 7:40 AM against the Predators.  Always be on the look out for changes as ice times change.  Please let me know you have recieved this so everyone shows up on time.  Also, Jareth Roberts will be creating a facebook page for us to communicate a little easier. 


Thank you,


Adrian Wilson

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Robert Wilson 
Asst Coach 
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